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Vendor Managed Inventory

The Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) department provides customer specific vendor managed inventory programs for the OEM, industrial, commercial and electrical contracting markets. Capital Electric is committed to providing VMI programs tailored to each customer’s specific, unique requirements.

How VMI Can Benefit You

Our VMI program allows our customers to reduce inventory through product consolidation while increasing inventory turns. We are committed to helping our customers address labor costs by providing the right materials in the right quantity, correctly packaged and delivered to the right place at the right time. Our customers can significantly reduce the time currently spent on materials handling, allocating more time instead for productive installation.

VMI offers the following additional benefits:

  • Cost savings
  • Labor reduction
  • Increases productivity
  • Creates fewer transactions (reduces total invoice cost)
  • Allows for fewer last minute material requirements
  • Reduces down-time due to inadequate inventory or stock-outs

How VMI Works

Our VMI program is a value added service for our customers. To get started, all we need is a starting bill of material. In some cases, we can also base the process on purchasing history, or we can conduct a physical inventory to identify the items needed in the VMI program.

Our VMI department services contractor job sites through on-site containers, storerooms or by placing inventory directly on the plant floor. Our customers receive fulfillment services weekly and this helps to reduce waste and fuel consumption by avoiding overstock or unneeded deliveries.

For more information concerning VMI, contact your Capital Electric account representative or vmi@capitalelectricsupply.com.