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Industry Tables & Calculators

Conduit Fill Tables
EMT, IMC and Rigid Conduit
Sch 40 and Sch 80 PVC Conduit
Flexible Conduit
Liquidtite Conduit 

Energy Savings Calculators
Simple Calculator (xls)
Project Calculator (xls)

Equipment Ground Tables & Calculators
Equipment Ground Table
Service Equipment Grounding Table

Full Load Amp Ratings
Single Phase Motor Table
Three Phase Motor Table
Single Phase Transformer Table
Three Phase Transformer Table

General Formulas & Calculators
Ohm's Law Calculator
Common Electrical Formulas

Lighting Tools & Calculators
Sylvania's guide to the best replacement options for lamps that are being eliminated due to inefficiency
LED Product Selection Tool

NEMA Configurations
Straight Blade Configurations
Locking Blade Configurations

Square D
Online Calculators and Product Selector Tool 

Voltage Drop
Voltage Drop Table

Wiremold Raceway
Wiremold 500/700 Wire Capacities Data
Wiremold 2000 Wire Capacities Data
Wiremold 2100 Wire Capacities Data
Wiremold 2400 Wire Capacities Data
Wiremold 3000 Wire Capacities Data
Wiremold 4000 Wire Capacities Data
Wiremold 400/800/2300 Wire Capacities Data
Wiremold 5000 Wire Capacities Data
Wiremold 6000 Wire Capacities Data
Wiremold NM2000 Wire Capacities Data


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