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Order Faster with Lists

Create lists and start saving time!

ListsCustomize your Eck Supply online shopping experience to save even more time by creating LISTS! Let's face it - you have core materials that you order often. Group those materials to increase your efficiency and decrease your time spent shopping. It's one click instead of searching for individual items over and over. This feature requires a Eck Supply online account Need an account

  • Advantages of Creating "Lists" allows you to organize materials in the way you prefer.
  • "Lists" are the fastest, easiest, and most efficient way to order or quote material online.
  • Tailor your "Lists" to coincide with your work flow.
  • Create as many "Lists" as you want.
  • Put as much material in each "List" as you want.

Popular Lists others are using:

  • Project types (Example: all material for a 200 amp service - load center, breakers, meter socket, ground rod, ground rod clamp, etc.)
  • Like products (Example: 1/2" - 4" set screw connectors)
  • Companion products (Example: 1/2" EMT with coupling, connector, locknut and bushing)

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